Meet the HPX Team

becky and dad 

Saturday saw a record turnout for the Perazzi HPX Compac Challenge at Northall CPC

Sussex and Surrey Double Rise ChampionshipHG & Sx SNR Champion D Simmons (80)
Surrey SNR Champion M Freemantle (58)
SX Veteran Champion M Holden (74)
SX lady Champion H Robbins (61)Well done all the Champions and competitors who shot the comp today in foggy conditions.

The competition was run alongside ‘The Pete Simmons Memorial Shoot’ which was won by Guy Franklin with 56.

HPX DSR shooters Andy & Dave Simmons were also joined by Kenny Bennett RSR and Deirdre Collard DSR.

The five highest scorers from the day lined up for the 25 bird final with Andy sneaking into 5th position.

Nerves definitely played a part in the final with missed birds that had been smashed in the qualifying rounds and the leader of the day even reading a wrong pair as he called ‘Pull’.







Congratulations to the three winners;

1st Chris Webb
2nd Tony Coulstock
3rd Gary Robins

The trade stand had a steady flow of enquiries throughout the day and HPX would like to say a big thank you to Northall CPC for their support in helping run what was a very enjoyable day.

The Winner – Chris Webb




Congratulations to HPX Team member Dave Simmons

who has just won the Sussex all round competition at Southdown on 29th august.   With 25 skeet, sporting, DTL and ball trap.  He used his 34″ DSR which he is now getting used to pretty well and put in an incredible  98/100. Well done Dave and lets see some more.




And more success at Fareham Gun Club

“I took a trip down to Fareham gun club to try my new HPX DSR 34″ out on some ABT (automatic ball trap) targets.  I know Fareham gun club very well and knew the targets would be full on an to the limit( I wasn’t disappointed).
I made my way down to the first layout and even before I started shooting there were a few comments on the barrel length as it was sitting in the rack towering over all the other guns. I said to them  “this gun is a perfect fit and balance that it will handle as quick as a 30″
I started the round and wow! The gun handled beautifully, the vision was incredible, every target was seen out of the trap house with ease. I finished the round with a 25/25, not bad as the DSR hasn’t encountered trap before.
As the day progressed I missed a few silly targets due to jumping and slight timing issues, but finished the day on a very pleasing 95/100 which was also high gun.
I am over the moon with the results with the DSR, this is definitely an all round gun. Whether it be sporting,trap or game you are shooting, the HPX DSR is in a league of its own!”



A great day with Will Hewland and the HPX Team

It was a great pleasure to welcome Will Hewland to the HPX Shooting ground on Saturday 30th June. On the invitation of Andy and Dave Simmons, part of the HPX team, Will agreed to come and see for himself how the various HPX guns work and to allow me to explain the philosophy behind the designs. Will is very much a part of the Shoot/Clay forum social media and he proved to be a pretty good shot too. I think it fair to say that we all had a
great day and the HPX guns proved at least to be something very worthwhile investigating and I also believe it fair to say that he shot all of the
targets presented very well. Most of the targets were turned into balls of dust, only my extreme long range high crosser travelling over 150 yards
proved to be a daunting target but after finding the mark, here again, good hits were soon under the belt. The boys from the HPX team needed a few
excuses there too. I understand that in the afternoon, Will, Andy and Dave went on to our local shoot at Northall and I lent my own HPX RSR to Will for further testing. I understand that he shot 1 more with the RSR than with his own gun on the Compac layout which hopefully cemented the standard to which HPX guns can achieve which on a 25 bird layout is around a 5% improvement. This small margin nevertheless is nearly always just what is
needed to clinch a competition nowadays, 4 extra targets in 100. And this was the first time Will had encountered an HPX. Who knows, next time 5% may increase to 10% or even more.

Day out

Meet Rebecca Sealey

South Worcester Shooting Ground

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Andy And Dave Simmons

How can it be that good?!