Perrazzi HPX 28 Gauge

28 -2015The latest edition to the HPX line up is a beautiful little 28 gauge game/clay shotgun. It has the delicacy balance and poise of a true classic shotgun and a standard of performance more commonly associated with larger gauges that is unique for such an easy to handle gun. The 28 gauge shotgun has become more popular over the last few years as cartridges have offered better performance in all gauges confirming that this little gem can cater for game targets up to 40-50 yards with astonishing success.

The first HPX version is crafted in an RSR format offering this designs superior target vision and coupled with longer barrels than normal of 33”, (all barrel lengths however are also available) it can hold its own in both the game and clay field surprisingly well.

The HPX RSR 28 gauge is a joy to shoot with an ease of control that allows a classic style of shooting for the serious shooter as well as being a first class introduction to any newcomer to the wonderful world of moving target shooting. A lady shooters dream !!!