RSR the Test

test photo

During 2013 the RSR was still under some development, I was not too sure how all shooters would accept or take to this radical new design so I planned a special test that would involve some top local shooters close to me in Sussex. As the months have passed, the need for this test somewhat dwindled as several customers who had already made the RSR move were beginning to report to me some very special and successful results. However, as the test had been instigated and now that the various versions of the RSR were completed I decided to run this test to see just how different shooters felt about the performance of these RSR designs. On the 28th August 2013, I invited Bob Poole, Andy Simmons, Gary Coomber and Charlie Milne to what I thought was the most accurate and true test anyone could arrange for just such a new design. These guys are all good shots and are well known in the area, Gary runs the Polowood shooting ground near Lewes and Bob and Charlie have been strong on the circuit for many years. Andy is just a very good enthusiastic shot who we may see around a little more especially if I let him borrow the RSR again.

So, I put together at my shooting ground, a 50 bird sporting layout. I have 2 demo RSR guns, the Ultimate in clay and game versions and I asked that 2 of the guns shot the first 50 with their guns and the other 2 shot the first 50 with an RSR. They chose their own favourite barrel lengths. After the first 50 had been completed we reversed the situation and the guns that had at first shot their own guns then shot the RSR’s and visa versa. None of these guys had ever shot the RSR’s before so I was a little reticent about the results. Well, we were all staggered and some of the comments I had from these guys I should use in an advert as their results were quite surprising. Bob and Gary shot 2 more targets each with the RSR than with their own guns, Andy shot 6 more with the RSR and Charlie equalled his score shooting the same with both. However, Charlie completely fluffed one easy stand with the RSR to start with hitting only 5 out of 10 which he admitted he should have shot them all. He just completely miss-read them. He subsequently tried the same target at the end of the day with the RSR and did then hit everything. If you deduct Charlie’s mistake on this easy stand, then Charlie would have shot some 4-5 birds more with the RSR too. You may say that 2 more hits out of 50 is not much better. That’s rubbish. An extra 2 could put you in the prize money or put an extra bird in the bag and an extra 4 out of 100 would certainly benefit greatly. Not only that, this was the first time they had used an RSR so with some practice they should shoot an extra 5,10 ? who knows ?. Without exception, they all said that the RSR was easier to shoot with and definitely gave better results and they had NEVER shot an RSR before although their own guns that they used on the day were guns that they had been shooting for in some cases, years. I of course, was delighted and pleasantly surprised that there was 100% success with the RSR over their regular guns. I think they are now all wondering if they can afford to make a change.


Many thanks to these chaps and I am now 100% confident that the RSR is truly something very special indeed. Like another of my RSR customers said, ‘why would anybody buy anything else? ‘ I believe that the RSR is truly special and I look forward to all dissenters to come and try this revelatory new design for yourselves. As per my normal HPX motto, ‘Nothing is for every body but everything is for somebody’ so there will always be someone that does not quite like the amazing sight picture that you get with an RSR but in the main, I think that all shooters experienced or otherwise will truly benefit from my new revelatory RSR designs. I’m ready when you are.