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A miss-understanding




It has been brought to my attention that there is a rumour around the circuit that the new Perazzi High-Tech is an HPX copy.

I am writing this explanation as that rumour is a long way from the truth. My HPX gun designs are totally different and the High-Tech is most definitely not a copy.

I recently visited the factory (to select more stocks for HPX guns etc) and during our conversations, Mauro Perazzi asked me to look at the new High-Tech gun that they were just about to release. I have to say, I was very impressed. It is very well designed, a joy to look at and handle and I am sure it will be a great new product for Perazzi to market. It is however, nothing like my HPX guns, either the SR1, the RSR or the DSR. It has a very interesting and clever top rib that appears because of its design, to give the same view for its full length. Unlike my RSR and DSR it is fitted and mounted in the normal way just like any other shotgun currently available and in some way it is similar to my SR1 which although this gun has a special top rib too it is fairly conventional. The SR1 has a short ramp elevating the sight picture well above the breech separating it somewhat from the High-Tech. The High-Tech, good as it is, is nothing like the RSR and DSR. These two HPX models offer the shooter the best target vision of any shotgun currently available now and from the past. I have a great business relationship with Mauro Perazzi and I congratulated him on his new design and I know he likes mine too. We have between us an agreement that he will not produce any of my designs either for his marketing or anyone else. We respect our different designs and this will remain in practice for hopefully, a long time into the future.

It is obvious that there are some people who either just do not understand my designs or who do not really want to give credit where it is due. The number of customers I have sold HPX guns too including the latest RSR’s and DSR’s have presented me with numerous comments and testimonials as to how an HPX has improved their shooting. The superior target vision from these two models is now well recognised and respected and I invite all doubters to come and try for themselves to see just how they work. Most people get the hang of it instantly and are quite bemused as to how much better they see the target. My designs may not be your choice but you cannot fail after testing and handling the RSR or DSR to see why this sight picture is truly special.

Both the High-Tech and my HPX guns are superb examples of top performance shotgun designs and they will both have their following and hopefully good customer sales. They are totally different from each other and offer different ways of securing the best target vision possible which is paramount when using a shotgun. Check them both out with me or wherever and I am confident that you be pleasantly surprised. Well done to Perazzi on both counts, theirs and mine.