Perazzi HPX DSR Sporter

DSR - 2015


I knew I could get more from the RSR principle and this new model is just about the pinnacle of clay guns and when used correctly it will surely take the shooter onto the rostrum even more regularly. It incorporates ideas from both the SR1 and the RSR and the sight picture is exactly what is required by the top clay competition shooter, open and clutter free. You never lose sight of the target. It is designed to be heavier and steadier (although a lighter model is available for the lighter frame or lady shooter) and it will suit the experienced shooter very well. I am however confident that the beginner to the clay world will also climb up the ladder much faster with this very special gun. A real revelation to shoot with.

My preference for longer barrels comes into its own with the DSR. 33’s have been the most popular but the 34’s are also exceptionally steady and pointable making long range sporting targets very easy. The DSR also makes a very good trap gun (our HPX team member Dave Simmons, winning the Sussex all round with 25 straight ABT and finishing with 98/100 across the rest of the targets) and in 30”- 32”, it makes a very good skeet gun too.